New Blogging, CMS and Collaboration startups

Thanks to Spiegel Online I used this Sunday to morning to surf into the unlimited vasts (should I’ve said waists?) of the web2.0 startup scene. Since I stumbled upon (which is also a nice startup by the way) some very interesting sites I’d like to show you my breadcrumbs.

First, I was pointed to which sports a crazily simple approach to build your own websites. After a very short registration process you can access some kind of CMS that allows for very dynamic site building – you can virtually build every kind of self maintained site you could imagine. The handling of entries, the management of navigation items and even switching and adding layout components is outstanding simple. The contents can be edited while you look at them using a quite restrictive (and therefore easy to use) WYSIWYG editor or an HTML pad. 
Jimdo inline editing
Pricing of Jimdo isn’t too high. You’ll get your own basic site for free and can upgrade to 5€ – 15€ business packages that allow you to link your own domain names to your Jimdo hosted site, Jimdo-hosted email accounts, newsletters and more space for navigation items (site branches). The free package is quite sufficient for most private needs though and since the handling and management is so dead simple I can simply recommend that service to everyone.

For all those guys that want to sell something on the web but are far too unexperienced (or lazy) to install an Magento instance or some kind of OSCommerce Jimdo also offers a cloudly hosted eCommerce system.

Next, there is a cool startup that offers some kind of open team collaboration platform called OneHub. After a minimal registration you simply open a new hub and add collaboration tools to it, to name some options: file sharing (incl. Dropbox and versioning + inline previews (!) ), team forum, shared calendars and task lists, rich content Wiki, activity tracking + notifications and an integrated mail / conversation module.

Onehub Project Calendar

That’s a kind of  supreme offer since the basic version comes for – you name it – free and it’s restrictions mostly aren’t functional but it’s not allowed to use SSL ore some convenience features (like enterprise search) when you use it without paying. The rates for professional usage aren’t that high compared to the usability and performance and range from $29 to $499 per month.

Workspaces Product Tour from Onehub on Vimeo.


You want to blog but don’t want to get into the vast setting possibilites of a WordPress account? Try Tumblr: its’ easy to start the blog and after 5 minutes you can get going with a load of features and almost no prior customization. Selecting themes is simple and on top of that Tumblr offers special sharing options that allow others to “Follow”, “Like” and “Comment” your blog postings – which feels like a mixture between Facebook and Twitter but without restrictions and the private flavor that’s attached to social networked publications.

Besides Tumblr wants to feel a little bit like social networks and runs a special personal frontpage that’s filled with interesting blog content in realtime – the more Tumblr blogs you’ll follow the more interesting stuff you’ll get presented there. And yes, they are even offering a dead simple REST API to integrate the microblogs into other applications and mashups.

Did you that world’s largest social network that no one wants to use anymore since it was so damn cluttered with blinking stuff that noone was able to extract the real content anymore? What was it called? MySpace, right. Don’t know if they are dead already or if they can be reanimated by some ethereal miracle or something but Virb‘s already on the track to fetch the users that fell down the MySpace decease. It’s not live yet but still plans to launch in July according to the main page. There’s a good demo site I stumbled upon when browsing the OneHub team site and it reminds me more or less to MySpace without looking too cluttered yet. Virb concentrates on some very appealing designs that should companies and persons as well to present and communicate their brand easily.

A presence made with a new Virb theme

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