WAC finally is born. Do you find the number of the beast on it?

Buckle up and hold your breath: A worldwide initiative of frustrated operators have declared war against those that endanger their established business models. Oh and aren’t they creative? They’re calling themselves community, they offer a landing page for developers which gives access to APIs that cost money and they use Widgets as technology of choice to attract developers around the world. The proposition: they’ll offer in-app billing APIs that help monetizing apps better than the ones offered by the bad fruit company from Cupertino.

Tradeoff is: no developer knows yet which channels to the customers they’ll open and they admit by themselves that the share that they’ll keep from the sold application’s price isn’t fixed as clearly as at the application stores that mostly every popular handset maker is offering nowadays. The press story tells us the following:

In this model, developers will set the application price and will receive a revenue share for the transaction. The revenue share will be defined on an operator-by-operator basis. This will ensure that revenue shares will be competitive in today’s application market. WAC is a not-for-profit organisation and will receive a small transaction fee for each application to cover its operating costs.

You better cross fingers that this self-announced “no-profit” organization doesn’t move all their disused business development managers and key accounters to that company or else the “small transaction fee” for their “operating costs” will quickly gain to two percent digits.

Advantage is: finally customers can pay for apps by using their phone bill. This isn’t that new anyway – hope, no one remembers the good ole days where thousands of shocked housewives called the T-Mobile support because their offspring was caught by some annoying TV spot and closed a contract on that. Who do you think earned the most money from that imho illegal concept of business? Jamba? No way – it were those guys that are now funding the big “no-profit” WAC that they sell as white knight fighting the dark Apple.

Guys, the gold-digger days are over. Now its time to get professional and let those earn the money who really earned it: the developers.


Read the press announcement: http://www.wholesaleappcommunity.com/About-Wac/Lists/NEWS%20%20EVENTS/DispForm.aspx?ID=12


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