feedly.com: A brilliant way to read your daily news digest

Over the time as a journalist for AreaMobile.de I used several tools to screen and monitor RSS Feeds and insider news sources from all over the world. What should I say? Most of them are a hassle and turn out to be just unusable when you’re screening more than 100 feeds (at my best times I read around 250, that was almost realtime update). I often tried to adhere to Google Reader but as it turns out that service is far from usable but offers a very poor overview of what is new.

There are several services emerging, that try to revolutionize the market for RSS based “personal newspapers”. One recently very famous one was Flipboard that presents the latest news in a stunning newspaper style on your iPad (and I’m sure there are lots of competitors). Today morning I found feedly.com – a nice web service that offers a newspaper like frontpage for your RSS feeds and is fully customizable. Additionally it offers alternative views that give you a better overview on your newspaper. Moeover feedly.com is compatible with Twitter and Flicker so you will also so your network’s latest buzz and photos mixed with the world’s news. Configuration and Subscription is easy and drag and drop based and the management of all feeds is handled by your Google Bookmarks – you even don’t have to register with feedly, just sign in with Google and you’re done.

Feedly.com News aggregator

Feedly.com News aggregator


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