Sliderocket e.a.: Stunning online presentation tools

I’ve started being a huge fan of Prezi when a cbase colleague showed off his presentation for a mobile transport tool in Berlin. The concept about Prezi is so far away from Powerpoint that many users in the first place will get uncomfortable with it’s usage though you can learn it very fast if you got stuck once. So if you don’t have a presentation tool at hand and don’t want to install LibreOffice you might fall back to Google Presentations which is part of Google Docs and contains mostly all the functionality someone would need to create a nice and cozy “PPT” as known by everyone.

Today I stumbled upon another online tool, though that comes with a lot more features than Google Presentations and relies on an ultrafast Flash frontend. SlideRocket starts up quick and runs completely in your browser environment. It contains the common features for creating slides and comes with some keynote nice  looking layouts out of the box. SlideRocket sports tables, charts and even forms and has import filters for webvideos and flash movies that can be embedded in a presentation. SlideRocket communicates with Google Docs directly so you can e.g. import tabular data an even diagrams into your online presentations.

The interface is fast and the bugs are quite minor so you can start working right away after registering for the “lite edition” without hassle. The Lite version allows creating presentations with less than 15MB of payload and let you store 200MB total. Professional and Enterprise versions are available though for a quite juicy price as high as $24/month/user. With those plans companies can leverage enterprise features of Sliderocket regarding security and collaboration features as well as the possibility to store and present the slides offline. The newest achievement is an HTML5 client which shows the formerly Flash based presentations on modern smartphones.

Ah, and for all of you who didn’t know it yet (when exactly are you living, in the stone age?): slideshare is a great service for sharing and publishing your old powerpoint presentations.


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