Keep calm and wait for Chrome to sync all your passwords you think you just lost

Today morning I opened my Chrome browser on Ubuntu 14.04 the way I do every morning. But all saved passwords were seemingly lost. Not that I could recover them from various lists, reminders and pure memory and logic but nevertheless I consider this the worst nightmare a usual computer user these days can be confronted with.

So I started googling the problem an within a blink I found this horrifying error report from 2012 that describes how Google Chrome on iOS syncs an empty profile over your good one. Since I opened Chrome on my iPhone after quite a long time of absence my first thought was, you can’t be serious and started to get angry.

My searches went on. Just for those of you that come along a similar problem and land here: make sure to read the last paragraph, first (like: now)! Here are some more obvious search hits:

The last paragraph:

And while I was reading all that stuff and crying and pulling my hair, I thought: hey! What if the sync is currently running and caught up while I tried to find an obfuscated solution for a problem that actually doesn’t exist? Went back to my Chrome profile settings, searched Passwords and… voila. While searching for a solution, Google has recovered all of them in the background, it just took a while.